F.A.S.T. Stretching Certification

A Comprehensive Stretching Program For Health & Fitness Professionals

When you become a F.A.S.T. Stretching Professional, you’ll possess the knowledge and skills to unlock any movement or flexibility issues your clients may have.

The Simple Way To Help Your Clients Feel Better, Move Better, and Perform Better.

Stretching and flexibility are non-existent in most fitness programs. As a trainer and coach, your only goal is to make your clients stronger--which could lead to tightness and muscle imbalances. This leads to pain, setbacks in their training, or injuries due to tight and weak muscles. And it’s no secret, as your clients get older, they may recover slower from workouts, and have more aches and pains--thanks, in part, to a loss of flexibility.

And for most coaches, manual therapy is off limits--and out of your normal scope of practice. But when you become a certified F.A.S.T. Stretching Professional , you can help your clients:

  • Decrease Muscle Stiffness

  • Increase range-of-motion in their joints

  • Reduce the risk for injury--from training or just living life

  • Improve their posture--so they move better, with less tightness or soreness

  • Reduce and better manage stress

  • Decrease muscle tension and promote better relaxation in their muscles

  • Improve circulation

  • Decrease muscle pain--especially in their lower backs

Not everyone knows the importance of stretching--and how it can improve their overall stiffness and pain. So most of your clients look to you for answers…

This is why I created the F.A.S.T. Stretching Professional Certification--to help current and future fitness professionals raise the standard of care for clients everywhere.

You’ll learn how to change your client’s flexibility using the industry’s most extensive stretching resource--developed by a Health & Wellness Professional just like you.

When I first started in the fitness industry, I wanted to do everything—and I put the needs of my clients first. One area I noticed many of my clients were lacking in was flexibility.

Not only were trainers NOT stretching their clients…

Those who were either did it wrong…or stretched to a point of pain. I had enough…

So I decided to work with a small group of clients to improve their flexibility and eliminate common complaints, like soreness, aches, and tightness. As each client progressed through my PBS Stretching System, they reported fewer aches and pains…

And they felt better than they had in years. Following the exact principles I have put into this certification, I was able to build multiple 6-figure businesses—with $50,000+ of Profit coming directly from the stretching program I implemented..

You may be asking:

“How can this certification help me?”

A lot of trainers would like to start a stretching program—but they are unsure how to fully implement this into their training program. Because, after all, most don’t hold a certification for manual therapy, so they are either:

-> Relying on YouTube or other channels to educate them on the right way to do the stretches—which often are still done incorrectly…

-> Only doing the BASIC stretches—which may not help their clients move and feel better…

-> Doing the WRONG stretches—which aggravates previous injuries, or creates new injuries, leading to a more tightness and imbalances, and a higher lost clients

This is why the Level 1 F.A.S.T. Stretching Certification is so valuable. You’re going to learn first-hand, the right way to stretch your clients, and build a solid stretching foundation…

So you can safely help your clients reach their fitness and wellness goals.

Who Is Right For The F.A.S.T. Stretching Certification?

If you’re a trainer, strength coach, gym owner, or nutrition coach--you’ll benefit from the F.A.S.T. Stretching Certification course.

Take the guesswork of what stretches will work--or what will hinder your clients…

No more second guessing if this stretch is out of your “scope of practice”...

And NO PhD is required--as everything is in easily digestible videos--so you can implement what you’re learning right away with your clients.

By completing this course and passing the certification exam, you will gain a better understanding of the science behind stretching...

how to properly assess your clients...and the exact method I’ve used for the last 14 years to help my clients regain their mobility and flexibility.

You’ll have the knowledge to help your clients feel better--so they can reach their goals faster, and without pain.

Flexibility Is The Key To Moving Better, Feeling Better, And Performing Better--Get Certified Today.

At the end of the certification course, you’ll be able to:

  • Assess each client you work with, and determine the stretches and program that is right for them...

  • Confidently prescribe a program to relieve aches and pains…

  • Improve posture, reduce stress and muscle tightness, and address any weaknesses they may have.

Learn The Best Practices To Stretch Your Clients And Improve Their Health.

The 5 modules found in the F.A.S.T. Stretching Certification are easy to understand, and can be applied immediately to your current clients. Here’s what you can expect to learn during each module:

Module 1: Your Stretching Philosophy

  • What you can and can’t do, and when to refer out--as a stretching professional.

  • The main reason why you should become a stretching professional.

  • The simple philosophy to follow to make your clients better--it’s easier than you think.

  • The 3 Rules you must live by.

  • When to refer out--a comprehensive checklist of situations that may arise where you MUST refer out.

  • The 2 critical areas to develop--and why mastering them will improve your clients health..

Module 2: The Science Behind The Stretching

In this module, you will discover the science behind stretching. Don’t worry...everything is broken down into informational tidbits, so you can start applying what you’ve learned immediately. This section is crucial for every stretching professional, so you can improve your clients health, while keeping the basics in mind. You’re will learn:

  • The 3 main areas of tightness--and how they impact your entire body.

  • What the fascia is--and how it relates to tight and achy muscles and joints.

  • The 2 types of imbalances--and how they impact your clients flexibility.

  • The 6 factors that cause muscle imbalances--and why it’s important when assessing your clients.

  • The underlying reason why your clients are “tight”--so you know what stretches will help, and the ones that won’t.

  • Learn the 4 types of stretching--and what you need to know to master the different stretching protocols.

Module 3: Assessing Your Clients

In this module, you will get a deeper understanding of your clients needs and wants. Plus, you will learn how to assess your clients the RIGHT way so you can prescribe the right stretches for the right situation. You’ll learn:

  • How to fill out the downloadable Health Questionnaire (HQ) form--and what this means for you and the client.

  • The correct way to perform and interpret the results of your Mobility and Flexibility Alignment Assessment (MFAA) resource.

  • The 7 Zones to assess when performing the MFAA--and how these zones may unlock tightness, mobility, and flexibility.

Module 4: The PBS Stretching System

In this module, you’re going to learn the fundamentals of the PBS Stretching System, and how you can start implementing our unique approach into your training immediately. You’ll discover:

  • What the PBS Stretching System is--and how it determines how to stretch your clients.

  • The EXACT way to guide your clients through the stretching system.

  • The 4 widely used breathing patterns your clients use to relax.

  • The 7 Stretching Patterns zones to safely and effectively stretch your clients with better efficiency.

  • How your hand placement makes the stretch more effective.

  • The 3 stretching pressure types--and which type of client each is suited for.

  • Discover what the Stretching Flexion point is--and why this is important.

  • The 8 rules for a better, more professional working environment.

  • How to price your services.

  • Your stretching session checklist--how to make each session safe for both you, and your client, and instantly put them in a state of relaxation.

  • Access to all the resources to set your business up for success.

Module 5: Program Design

This is where the rubber meets the road. After completing this module, you’ll have the knowledge to design and implement your stretching program with your current and prospective clients. You’re going to discover:

  • How to build each stretching session to meet the needs and demands of your clients.

  • The 4 starting positions to choose from when starting your stretching session.

  • The breathing patterns needed to put your clients mind and body at ease, so they can relax and enjoy their session..

  • The different stretching patterns you can choose from--and how to choose the best one for your clients.

  • Sample stretching programs to start implementing with your current clients.

  • Downloadable resources to make implementing a stretching program into your current business as simple and painless as possible.


As a bonus, I am going to show you how to implement your stretching program to grow your business. Like I mentioned before, I have successfully grown my stretching business to add multiple 5 & 6 figure each year. During this certification, you will also discover:

  • The right way to price your services to make more revenue each month.

  • How long each session should go for maximum effectiveness.

  • The simple way to get people to book more than one session with you.

  • Become the go-to stretching professional—so you can charge your desired price point.

Once you complete all the modules, you’re ready to sit for your two-part test. Once you’ve successfully passed both the written and practical exam, you’ll be certified as a F.A.S.T. Stretching Professional through The National Stretching Institute.

Get All Of This And More On An Easy-To-Use Online Learning Platform--So You Can Learn Anywhere In The World At Your Own Pace.

Work through the material at your own pace--in the comfort of your own home, or studio. No textbooks needed--all the material is available at your fingertips.

Once you enroll, you can start digging into each section, learning as you go. Starting your journey to becoming a Certified F.A.S.T. Stretching Professional is a simple process.

When you hit the "GET CERTIFIED” button, you’ll be taken to a secure ordering page where you can enter in your billing information.

Once you hit enter, you’ll be directed to a home page where you can create your account information (needed to access the program).

You can start implementing the information into your current training business--for a truly hands-on experience.

Again, here’s how the registration process works:

1. Click the “Get Certified & Get 50% Off Now!” button at the bottom of this page to be directed to a secure ordering page.

2. Enter in your billing details, and hit the complete order button.

3. You’ll immediately be taken to a portal to create your account.

4. Get started by going through the material at your own pace, and prepare to sit for the exam.

5. Successfully pass both the practical and written exam to become a Certified F.A.S.T. Stretching Pro.

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